Swimming, chances are that if you’re reading this, you understand the early mornings, grueling workouts, and incessant smell of chlorine. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first season, or your fifteenth, the simple aspects of the sport are unwavering. However, each season leaves a swimmer with new experiences to add to their growing arsenal of strengths. It would be ludicrous to believe that any arsenal is ever complete. Personally, I would have never believed that my arsenal had prepared me to handle nine practices a week along with two demanding lifts. However, as I write this as a sophomore I believe this wasn’t the biggest adjustment I had experienced in my swimmer career.

As a freshman, a number of things affected my swimming. Of course, there was the obvious factors such as nutrition, being away from home, making new friends, and course load, that all may affect one’s ability to swim. Yet, my most influential factor was leaving my old teammates. Adjusting to training without my old teammates, who I had been around for the past ten years, was very difficult for me. Luckily, our team is made up of a tremendous group of guys. It may have taken days, weeks, or months, but these guys became my best friends and that positively affected my swimming. Nothing compares to the feeling of being able to contribute to a team, made up of your best friends, success.

In early May, as the team parted ways for the summer I did not think too much of it. However, as I sat at home over the summer I began to realize that my teammates weren’t my best friends. They were my family, and this is what I contribute the drastic change between years. Swimming for a group of guys that are always watching out for you is the best feeling in the world. And it has shown, so far this year has been remarkable for everybody. There has been so much fast swimming and unparalleled comradery on the pool deck. As the season moves forward, I can’t wait to see everybody swim, especially at our Bucknell invite in early December. It is obvious that great feats are going to come.

Go Bison!

Chadd Cummings