We as student-athletes, promise to give 100% in the classroom and 100% to our sport ...

Ross Liberati ’11 – Men’s Soccer
“I’m a firm believer that Bucknell is one of the few schools left in the country that embraces and cultivates true student-athletes that excel on and off the playing field. To keep the tradition of excellence alive, gifts to the Bison Club are an incredibly important part of providing the best college athletics experience possible. Donor support has helped elevate my program, Men’s Soccer, to back-to-back Patriot League Championships and NCAA Tournament appearances.”

Matt Segar ’12 – Men’s Swimming & Diving
“Gifts to the Bison Club are essential to the success of Bucknell Athletics. The University only covers part of the budget for varsity programs. Private gifts ensure that each team can provide travel, accommodations, and postseason play for all athletes. Without donor support, my team, Swimming and Diving, would not be able to compete at US Nationals and Olympic Trials, two of the highest-level competitions in the country.”

Caroline Tolli ’13 – Cross Country/Track & Field
“I know firsthand that being a part of Bucknell Athletics is an enriching experience. Participation in such elite athletics is not only thrilling and rewarding for the competitor, but it is also a vehicle for character and leadership development. Gifts to the Bison Club ensure that student-athletes at Bucknell will continue to compete, grow, contribute, and thrive in and out of the athletics world.”

Our goal for our alumni, parents and friends is 100% Bison Club participation ...

Hollis Brown ’69 – Men’s Lacrosse & Soccer
“Bucknell’s student-athlete model is among the very best in the nation. The people involved, student-athletes, coaches and staff, are extremely talented and dedicated; they represent the character and commitment that embodies Bucknell. A donation to the Bison Club meets funding needs that are critical to the continuation and growth of these programs, and I am happy to lend my support.”

Kathy Frazier ’82 – Women’s Swimming & Diving
“Supporting Bison Athletics on an annual basis is so valuable because there is so much more to college than just the classroom education. The lessons learned in the pool, on the court, teamwork, setting goals, time management, etc., are invaluable. The life skills I’ve learned through participation in intercollegiate athletics provided a platform for success in my profession.”

Bill Graham '62 - Wrestling
“It is important for me to give back to Bucknell Athletics every year, because I feel that being a competitive wrestler at Bucknell has helped me develop discipline, self-control, tenacity, and drive, which I apply every day to all areas of my life and business.  I am very proud to have played a part in restoring Bucknell Wrestling to varsity status, while at the same time, supporting Women’s Athletics, such as crew, field hockey, etc. 

"It is truly an honor to be able to give future athletes of Bucknell the opportunities that I received while attending the University.  Wrestling has and will always be a big part of who I am.

Go Bison!”

Lawrence “Lorry” Hathaway ’65 --- Men’s Basketball
“As a former scholar-athlete who was given the chance to attend college on need-based financial aid, I have first-hand knowledge of what it can mean to young people’s lives when given an opportunity to attend Bucknell University. Now as an alum of Bucknell, I have this wonderful opportunity to give back and make a difference.”

Dr. Christina Murray ’91 – Women’s Soccer
“I look back on my four years at Bucknell with happiness and pride. While the academic challenges were at the center of the Bucknell experience, it was the social and athletic challenges the completed the package. It was during my years at Bucknell, that the club women’s soccer team was given varsity status and as a result a makeover including new uniforms, locker room privileges, and a travel budget. At the time I didn’t question where the money came from, but now I know that the school budget only pays for a portion of the varsity sports team’s needs. Most of the funding for each sport needs to come from donations from alums, parents and other philanthropists. I choose to give yearly to the Bison Club in order to allow our current athletes to play their sports at a competitive level and to learn the team skills that will help them in all the next phases of their lives. I hope that more Bucknell sports alums will recognize the value of their experience and choose to pay it forward to the next generation of student-athletes.”

Gerald Purnell ’78 – Men’s Basketball
“An opportunity is a wonderful and tremendous gift. When provided and seized upon, it can change a person’s life forever. The Bison Club provides such opportunities for our young student-athletes.”

Christine Richards ’76 --- Women’s Swimming & Diving
“The skills and values that scholar-athletes learn at Bucknell provide a foundation for success in life. It has been a privilege to be able to support Bucknell, so others can have the same opportunity.”

Luke Rohrbaugh ’71, ’P12 – Football
“Over the years I have felt so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend such a quality institution such as Bucknell University where I received the gift of a superb education from a top-notch school. That education, coupled with the power of its athletic program, provides a true scholar-athlete experience. When I support the Bison Club, I feel that I am partnering in the success of various teams. There is a warm feeling inside me knowing that my contribution to the Bison Club may have helped one more student-athlete make the team, may allow one more athlete to travel to an away game, may allow one more kid to enjoy an upgrade of equipment. And, just maybe – maybe – allow a coach to recruit one more kid that could be a game-changer in the world of Bucknell Athletics.

When my son was a freshman at BU just a short while ago, I strongly encouraged him to get in the habit of becoming a member of the Bison Club. I didn’t care how much, I just said, ‘become part of the giver-group and not the NON-giver.’ I further encouraged him to make his giving a habit. Now that he has graduated, he continues to give to the Bison Club. He has made it a habit. I encourage all of you to do the same!”

Dr. Kristen Sandel ’98 --- Softball
“Donations made to the Bison Club are of vital importance to many of the athletic programs at Bucknell. As a former student-athlete, I benefited greatly from the generosity of previous Bison Club donors and I feel strongly about continuing the tradition of contributing to this very important organization. Skills in time management, leadership, and teamwork that I obtained during my years at Bucknell have greatly enriched my life as well as furthered my career in medicine. I am hopeful that the young men and women who are currently enrolled as student-athletes will be provided with similar opportunities and experiences during their years at Bucknell, enhanced by the funding of the Bison Club.”

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