Brittany Willwerth '20 

3,725 miles, 22 players, and the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Our journey to Holland started on Thursday afternoon, with the players reuniting just one day after finals concluded. Upon meeting at the airport, luggage was checked, boarding passes were obtained, and spirits were high. After a long seven-hour flight filled with plenty of movies and snacks, the Bucknell field hockey team arrived in rainy Amsterdam early Friday morning.

Traveling on a coach bus, we made our way to the Hurley hockey club. After getting in a stretch and hit session, we enjoyed our first cups of coffee within the clubhouse. From here, we made our way to annoBar1890cafe for a delicious breakfast. Getting the opportunity to practice our Dutch, we consumed our first meal in the country together.


The second portion of the day was filled with exploring and historical background. After seeing the famous canals and walking around the city, we made our way to the Anne Frank House.

This activity proved to be very intriguing as most of us learned about the story of the family that was forced to remain in the attic in grade school. Walking through the house, we all attained a new perspective, first-handily looking through the eyes of the young 14-year old girl.


Following the tour, our bus brought us to the hotel we are staying at for the length of the trip. Right in Scheveningen, it sure is a great place to be(ach). After we consumed an amazing dinner, the team traveled to HC Schiedam to play a mixture of their women's top two teams. Playing a very high intensity game, we ultimately fell 4-3 in what was all-around great field hockey.

Just after the match we all made our way into the clubhouse where we chatted with the girls and fans. With such a full day, the entire team was more than ready for bed, excited as ever for the adventures ahead.