General Criteria

The Hall of Fame shall be open to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in one of the following areas:

  • A superior competitor
  • A teacher-coach with a distinguished record
  • A person who has made a long-term, exemplary contribution to Bucknell Athletics

In all cases, membership in the Athletics Hall of Fame is reserved for those nominees whose actions, accomplishments and contributions were a source of pride for Bucknell University during their time as a student-athlete/coach/administrator and the time following their departure from Bucknell.

Specific Criteria

  • The candidate must be of good character and reputation
  • A former student-athlete shall be first eligible for nomination ten full academic years after completing his / her athletic eligibility at Bucknell University.
  • Nominee must have had significant impact in his / her sport; defined as being National Player of the Year, NCAA Champion – Individual sport, All-American, All-Region, Conference Player of the Year, All-Conference, conference record holder, conference champion, school record holder, national statistical champion, or letter in at least two different varsity sports.
  • Individuals must have represented in a positive fashion both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus
  • It is suggested that if a teacher-coach or administrator, the candidate must have held that position for at least five academic years
  • Coaches and administrators are eligible for admission to the Hall of Fame immediately after they have vacated those positions at Bucknell University (Deceased candidates become eligible immediately.)
  • Additional consideration will be given for continued contributions to society through community activities, performance in chosen fields which bring credit and distinction to Bucknell University
  • Have made an excellent record in some branch or branches of intercollegiate sport while in attendance at, and / or subsequent to, attending Bucknell University
  • Nominees from the previous year will be automatically considered by the committee
  • Nomination forms will be made available through the Office of Athletic Communications and on the athletics web site

Outstanding Contributors

Individuals who have made outstanding and program changing contributions to Bucknell University Athletics shall be eligible to be elected to the Hall of Fame. These individuals need not be graduates nor do they need to have been athletes.

  • A nomination must be submitted on their behalf detailing the special nature of their contributions.
  • Special admittance will be made only in recognition of truly exceptional contributions and service to the athletic program.

Nomination Submittal

Nominations must contain the information that follows. An online nomination form is available for convenience.  Nominations may be submitted to the chair of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee no later than January 1 in order to be considered for induction in the following fall.

  • Name of Nominee
  • Class
  • Nominee’s Sport(s)
  • Nominee’s Address
  • List special honors, facts, figures, anecdotes, or other material that may be of assistance to the selection committee.
  • Name of person submitting nomination, including email address and contact number
  • All eligible nominations and the respective nominees’ credentials shall be communicated in writing to the committee membership, along with the notice of the selection meeting, by January 31.
  • Nominees on the master ballot will be eliminated if they do not make the short list in a 10-year period.
  • Eliminated nominees can be re-nominated by a committee member one year after they have been removed from the master ballot.
  • No restrictions on who may submit a nomination, but an individual must be nominated by someone other than himself or herself, and all nominations must be signed.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall be comprised of up to 15 voting individuals, and shall be chaired by the Senior Associate Director of Athletics.  Committee members must have a thorough knowledge of Bucknell University and its 27 varsity sports programs.  All committee members are highly encouraged to attend all meetings, but are required to attend, in-person, the final voting meeting in June of each academic year (exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances).  Suggested new members of the committee must be approved by a majority of the existing committee membership.

Selection Process

The committee shall meet to discuss Hall of Fame business and vet the initial ballot during February of each academic year.   Following that meeting, the first round of voting will take place.

  • First vote will be for up to 15 people from the master list to generate a short list of 10

The committee shall meet a second time in June of each academic year to discuss the final ballot.   Following that meeting, the second and final round of voting will take place.

  • Final vote will be for up to 5 people from the list of 10
  • Up to SIX individuals will be elected from the list of finalists. All ties in the final round of voting will be broken with a re-vote.
  • Nominees must receive 2/3 majority vote from the selection committee in order to be elected.
  • In an extreme case of a special circumstance in which the selection committee feels an additional candidate should be elected to the Hall of Fame, the Director of Athletics & Recreation will review such a case and make that final decision.

The selection committee shall present its recommendations each year to the Director of Athletics & Recreation for final approval.

Induction Ceremony

  • A dinner will be held to honor the inductees on the Friday evening of Homecoming Weekend each fall.
  • Former teammates of the inductees will be informed of the induction ceremonies and invited to be present.

 Number of Inductees

  • No more than six inductees will be honored annually