How will a gift to the Bison Club help me stay in contact with my favorite sport(s)?
Donors to the Bison Club can provide their sport preferences at the time of their donation. Each of the varsity programs will then communicate with the Bison Club donors interested in their sport via e-mail, events, newsletters, and/or other special communications.

Can I still give to my favorite sport(s)?
Gifts can be made to an individual sport, and like Bison Club donations, will be applied to the budget of that sport in the year of the donation. Individual sports programs also have the opportunity to generate revenue from events including, but not limited to, golf tournaments, clinics, and auctions.

How will my sport specific designated gift financially benefit the sport(s) I support?
A sport-specific designated Bison Club gift goes directly into the program’s club budget. That budget is used to supplement the university provided operating budget, and on average covers at least 40% of what that program spends on operations during the course of the year.

How will my Bison Club unrestricted gift financially benefit the sport(s) I support?
Unrestricted Bison Club gifts will provide program support to all 27 varsity sports programs. Program support includes, but is not limited to, the athletics web site, unbudgeted championship travel, recruiting, the athletics Hall of Fame, the senior recognition dinner, etc.

Does my annual Bison Club gift qualify for benefits?
Yes, donors will receive benefits in the fiscal year of their gift (July 1 through June 30). For more information on the Bison Club benefits click here.

Can my gift to the Bison Club count toward my undergraduate reunion class gift?
Yes, gifts to the Bison Club count toward your undergraduate reunion class giving total. Reunion gifts can be made as either a one-time gift or a five-year pledge.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, all donations to the Bison Club are tax-deductible. Gifts to the Bison Club that do not request football Gridiron Club benefits are 100% tax deductible. Per IRS regulations, donors making Bison Club gifts to football (Gridiron Club) which include requested benefits must deduct the value of that particular benefit from their gift total. Please contact your tax advisor if you have any questions.

Does my gift to the Bison Club impact my ability to receive priority for purchase of Patriot League and NCAA Tournament basketball tickets?
Requests will be fulfilled based on the individual’s engagement with Bucknell Athletics and Bucknell University in the following priority order:
1. Bison Club member & Basketball Season Ticket holder
2. Basketball Season Ticket Holder
3. Bison Club member
4. Bucknell Alumni

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