LEWISBURG, Pa. -- Pardon the Bison men's lacrosse team if they are looking a bit scruffy these days. No, they are not celebrating the Boston Red Sox "Fear the Beards" championship, and there is not a shortage of razors in Lewisburg. Instead, Bucknell's lacrosse student-athletes, along with assistant coach Nick Marks, are participating in No-Shave November in an effort to raise funds for breast cancer patients.

A Bucknell player's mother is currently in a fight with breast cancer, and the team set a goal of raising $10,000 for "Help the Fight," a non-profit organization that provides supportive funding for those diagnosed with the disease. The funding helps patients who have accrued expenses such as personal/household bills, medical treatment bills, daycare, insurance payments and much more.

As of Friday morning, the Bison lacrosse team had surpassed its goal, raising $11,304.

"We thought it would be a great idea to support the breast cancer cause, as so many families and friends have been touched by the disease," said senior attackman Todd Heritage, who was one of the organizers of the fundraiser. "It has allowed us to come together as a team and support a fellow teammate, and to show people the camaraderie we have as a team and that we are always looking out for one another. Each and every player has shown their support, and you can clearly see that from how much we have raised thus far."

"We've had teammates whose family members had to struggle against breast cancer in the past, and it's a very satisfying feeling knowing our fundraiser is directly helping our friend and his family now," said senior defenseman Jackson Place. "We raised over $2,000 in just two days, and have twice surpassed our benchmark since then. Seeing how much support we're getting from students, family and alumni makes me very proud to be a part of the Bucknell Lacrosse family."

As for the friendly facial hair competition, some players have been more successful than others in the beard-growing process.

"The beards are coming in very thick for those who can grow one fully, and we are all starting to look a little 'cavemanish,'" said Heritage. "The mustaches are being kept perfectly groomed, as you can see from Coach Marks' handlebars. And the wannabes are trying their best. By Monday, Dec. 2, the facial hair will be amazing and a group picture will be taken to show our support in fighting breast cancer. We're all just hoping the grandparents won't be too upset with us over Thanksgiving break!"

To support the team's fundraising effort, click here.