LEWISBURG, Pa. – The annual Bucknell University Bison Club Spring Reception Tour recently completed after a swing through seven mid-Atlantic cities during the month of May.  The tour, which began on May 3 and concluded on May 25, provided an opportunity for Bucknell alumni, parents and friends to meet and converse with the head or assistant coaches of nearly all of Bucknell's 27 Division I programs.

“The Bison Club Spring Reception Tour enables us to express our sincere appreciation to our loyal Bison Club members for their continued annual support, as well as provide them an opportunity to meet and converse with our coaching staff,” director of athletics and recreation John Hardt said. “It is tradition that started over 25 years ago, and it allows us to continue to tell the story of the great accomplishments of our student-athletes and coaches while also expanding our overall support base.” 

Reception sites this spring included The Wellesley Country Club (Wellesley, Mass.), the Riverside Yacht Club (Greenwich, Conn.), The Graham Building (Philadelphia, Pa.), The Duquesne Club (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Chima Brazilian Steakhouse (Vienna, Va.), The Yale Club (New York City) and Bahr's Landing Seafood Restaurant & Marina (Sandy Hook, N.J.).

More than 350 folks participated during the tour, which was made possible through the support of the following alumni: Craig Mills '76, P'06 (Boston), Dick Pace '66, P'99, Mary Pace P'99, Scott Frantz P'19, Icy Frantz P'19 (Connecticut), Bill Graham '62 (Philadelphia), David Berardinelli '93, Alicia Berardinelli, Alex McClinchie '64, Molly McClinchie, Douglass Klaber '86, P'20, Joelle Klaber P'20, Don McDowell '00, Erin McDowell '00, Peter Mathieson '83, Carol Mathieson '83 (Pittsburgh), Ed Robinson '86, Cherisse Robinson, Gary Scott '86, Holly Scott (D.C.), Mike Benevento '93, Taylor Benevento '93 (NYC) and Ray Cosgrove '62, P'86, Dot Cosgrove '62, P'86, Jay Cosgrove '86, Becky Cosgrove (N.J.).

“We are extremely grateful to the alumni and parents who have provided such generous support of the Bison Club Spring Reception Tour,” said Todd Newcomb '88, P'19, director of the Bison Club. “These events, which are all first class, are only made possible through that continued assistance.”

A complete list of attendees is included below:


Jeb Bachman '78, P'11

Gregg Catsoulis P'21

Jennifer Gale ‘97

Art Greenwood P'18, ‘20

Liz Greenwood P'18, P'20

Cara Hanrahan-Abraham

Maya Martignetti ‘16

Craig Mills '76, P'06

Todd Newcomb '88, P'19

John Rossi ‘73

Michelle Sidel ‘94

Robert Zavorskas ‘67


Shari Aser ‘98

Michael Bayles ‘85

Joyce Bordash P'18, P'21

Tom Broadhurst '80, P'12

Jeff Cross ‘82

Mike Davis ‘64

Icy Frantz P'19

Scott Frantz P'19

Jamie Hunter ‘88

Hutch Hutchinson ‘91

John Morlock ‘84

Todd Newcomb '88, P'19

Amu O'Brien P'19

Karen Orphanos ‘85

Peter Orphanos

Dick Pace '66, P'99

Don Raftery P'19

Heather Raftery P'19

Christopher Retzler ‘93

Elizabeth Richer ‘00

Laura Rigney P'20

Ed Robinson ‘86

Lucille Rossi P'19

Brian Sullivan '96

Mike Trager ‘63

Dan Vener ‘90


Ben Allen ‘10

Chris Applegate ‘13

David Barton ‘62

Roger Braunfeld ‘95

Carter Bumgardner ‘13

Brendan Burgdorf ‘13

Amanda Chikowski ‘15

Ron Clark ‘84

Carolyn Conners P'82, GP ‘14

Doug Conners '82, P'14

Emily Conners ‘14

Roger Conners '59, P'82, GP ‘14

Sandra Cook

Ed Corsey ‘85

Collin Costello ‘13

Dave Duffett ‘12

Ben Euler ‘19

Cindy Euler P'19

Jay Euler '70, P'19

Anthony Falcone P'20

David Fennimore P'18

Brandon Friday ‘08

Bill Graham ‘62

Ryan Gryskevicz ‘07

Derek Hamilton ‘94

David Henry ‘86

Leigh Hillman ‘14

Brian Hitchings '84, P'16

Susan Hitchings '84, P'16

Emily Hitchings ‘16

Sudhanshu Kairab ‘88

Al Kaminskas '64, P'86

John Lawton ‘90

Mark Leibensperger ‘15

Kevin LeValley ‘11

Steve Levandusky ‘11

Jessica Macaluso

Jon Mackenzie ‘93

Kevin McGoldrick ‘10

William Miller ‘72

Cheri Mitchell

Todd Newcomb '88, P'19

Patrick Paro ‘82

Erica Perrine ‘14

Shane Riccio ‘10

Dylan Seeley ‘11

Maria Smith ‘89

Sharonda Smith P'20

Tom Smith ‘90

Marci Soslau

Kelly Stefanowicz ‘13

Dave Steigerwald ‘96

Joe Stolfi ‘16

Bob Strachan '58, P'85

Patricia Strachan '57, P'85

Paul Ward ‘02

Norman Wilde ‘90


Brent Francisco

Patricia Hayakawa ‘17

Andrew Kimble ‘83

Douglass Klaber '86, P'20

Phil Lichtenfels ‘52

Bev Maroney

Peter Mathieson ‘83

Alex McClinchie ‘64

Kyle McGee ‘04

Todd Newcomb '88, P'19

Bill Overdorff ‘68

Conner Romango ‘21

Kevin Romango P'17, ‘21

Kenneth Scholtz ‘98

Otto Tancraitor ‘05

Rebecca Wagner

Andrew Wallisch ‘11

Daniel Weimer ‘10

Emily Weimer

Cal Wilcox ‘98


Eric Allgaier '82, P'17

Brian Bonifas

Bryan Burns ‘91

Kaitlin Callahan ‘15

Christine Center ‘89

Abby Chinault ‘10

Corey Curnutte ‘08

Chris Dinkelmeyer ‘02

Pat Drobnek ‘73

Brian Duncan ‘16

Allison Gittings ‘10

Collin Greene ‘15

Susie Hensley ‘90

Derrick Hensley

David Iselin ‘10

Nicole Iselin '09

Bryson Johnson ‘13

Jason Kim ‘04

Orman Kimbrough ‘14

Mary Lou Kupfer ‘76

Kevin LeValley ‘11

Jeffrey Loomis ‘92

Amy Mantush ‘10

Dave Marble ‘11

Jenny Miller ‘16

Ray Miller ‘78

Yancy Molnar ‘91

Christina Murray ‘91

Todd Newcomb '88, P'19

Dave Phillips ‘83

William Rappaport ‘16

Laurence Richard P'06

Joel Riethmiller ‘06

Cherisse Robinson

Ed Robinson ‘86

Amy Satcher

Emily Swanobori ‘12

Gary Scott ‘86

Scott Sehon ‘00

Bethany Sehon ‘02

Ben Seketa ‘15

Joel Shalowitz ‘86

Becca Shopiro ‘12

Kimberly Suiters ‘92

Michael Suritz

Penny Suritz ‘63

Robert Treat ‘13

Kendall VanHoose

Ryan Weber ‘02

John Yeigh ‘77

Larry Zmuda ‘83

New York City:

Richard Alexander ‘03

Butch Amendolagine ‘09

Lyuben Antonov P'18

Roger Baumann P'20

Mike Benevento ‘93

Stu Berelson '59, P'91

Dan Blankenship ‘03

Matt Borich ‘01

Taryn Boucher ‘13

Jennifer Brennan ‘14

Andrew Brouse ‘10

Tom Brown

Madee Bryke

Vincent Cinotti ‘13

Jay Citron ‘58

Raymond Cotto ‘21

James Cotto P'21

Cory Cotto P'21

Mike Davitt

Caroline Dunn ‘14

Ben Elliott '66, P'00, '03, ‘16

Rafael Enriquez-Hesles ‘15

James Fahey ‘18

Nicole Ferraro ‘00

Meghan Fitzpatrick ‘13

Sam Graziano ‘01

Matt Hadley ‘14

Marc Hartmann ‘12

Chris Herron ‘01

George Holiat ‘90

Richie Hyden ‘11

Heidi Kamp ‘11

Bill Krause ‘13

Ben Leboza ‘10

Joe LoGrippo ‘60

Richard Maloney ‘93

Michael McLaughlin ‘85

Nathan Mittag ‘07

Meggie Mongan ‘10

Alanna Nawrocki ‘16

Jeff Nemerov ‘64

Courtney Newcomb

David Newcomb ‘93

Todd Newcomb '88, P'19

Mike Nicholson ‘14

Kim Onsdorff ‘69

Evan Palumbo ‘12

Gabriel Portuondo ‘93

Andrew Powell ‘12

Amy Ramirez ‘10

Mark Reilly ‘76

Hal Richman ‘58

Ed Robinson ‘86

Rachel Rodriguez ‘11

Jim Rowbotham ‘65

Bryan Rowley ‘98

Brian Ruddy ‘98

Bill Saporito ‘76

Kevin Schroth ‘92

Bruce Segall P'21

Doug Shribman ‘11

Kevin Smithies ‘02

Eric Sokolosky ‘12

Jay Soto ‘09

Thomas Souther ‘80

Spencer Staggs

Kristen Titley ‘14

Kyle Yearick ‘84

Rodney Zerbe ‘80

New Jersey:

Michael Andrieu ‘03

Michael Bair P'20

Julie Bair P'20

Ann Balzofiore P'20

Anthony Balzofiore P'20

Barbara Barr P'21

Matt Borich ‘01

Larry Chernin P'20

Carol Chernin P'20

Jay Cosgrove ‘86

Ray Cosgrove '62, P'86

Matt Davey

Megan Davey

Dave DeSantis

Mark Gardner P'21

Sandy Gardner P'21

Brian Gay ‘96

Tom Gilmour ‘73

Jim Hiles ‘83

Art Kurz ‘69

Brian Makovsky ‘90

Ed Manigan ‘65

Valerie Marchiano P'20

Renee Maxwell

James Nash

Kathleen Nash

Todd Newcomb '88, P'19

Darryl Novak ‘63

Grace Ragold ‘13

Charles Rahner ‘50

Ed Reitzel ‘61

Sean Sherman

Amy Stark P'21

Joe Stark P'21

Dan Unachukwu P'21

Nnamdi Unachukwu ‘21

Jim Walier P'20

SallyAnn Walier P'20

Sam Yildirimlar ‘21

Diane Yildirimlar P'21

Serdar Yildirimlar P'21