In the fourth installment of our Bison Summer Series, women's swimming & diving junior Abigail Rosenberg shares what she's learned by participating in Bucknell's Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management.

This summer, I participated in the Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management (ILTM), which is an intensive six-week program that focuses on the intersections between leadership, teamwork and critical thinking.

ILTM was established in 1991 by Bucknell University professors who wanted to bring together 24 motivated rising juniors from the different colleges on campus to ensure a diverse group of students. The program is well established in the professional world and on Bucknell's campus. In fact, this program was advertised by my tour guide during my visit to campus as a senior in high school. This year, the faculty for the program are Brian King, Joe Tranquillo, Eric Martin and Doug Allen.

During the day, successful Bucknell alumni are brought in to provide insights on their careers and help the students create our own “leadership plan.” These speakers have provided tangible advice that can be applicable to all of our leadership roles on campus and in our future work experience. The speakers have all had lengthy careers and impressive titles, and the group included, to name a few, the former CEO of Victoria's Leadership, former CEO of AT&T Asia, CEO and President of Omnicom Health Group and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Bucknell University.

The speakers shared their knowledge of successful business leaders and explained how their Bucknell education helped prepare them for the real world. Without going through this program, I doubt I would have met so many high-caliber leaders until very late in my career. By getting this amazing opportunity, I hope I will be able to use their experiences to help further my career and sidestep some potential hurdles.

At night, we are expected to work on our deliverable for our clients. Each team has six members and was assigned a project statement and professional deliverable for their client. I was assigned to the Entrée Health team, which is a subsidiary company for the Omnicom Health Group. Essentially, Entrée Health is a payer vertical and works to ensure that the payer of the healthcare treatments, which are typically insurance companies, are profitable.

Entrée Health asked that our team work to eliminate inefficiencies in oncology practices by using big data technology. If oncology practices are more efficient at determining and explaining what their patients' treatment plans are then it is easier for Entrée's clients to establish payment plans for the treatment. It was particularly special to be a member of the Entrée Health team because we were able to meet with executive level employees at Entrée during our on-site visit and Ed Wise, the CE0 & President of Omnicom Health Group, was one of our speakers.

A common theme in all our speakers' lectures is that complacency in the workplace means you are failing and not doing your job properly. Additionally, to build a strong and healthy workplace culture, leaders need to be transparent with their employees. Companies fail when the senior leadership does not properly involve and explain new policies or decisions to their employees.

Although I am only in the fourth week of the program, I am already realizing how little I knew about the professional world. As a student at Bucknell, we are often told that we are really good leaders and students and that we have mastered many of the skills necessary to be successful. However, this program made me realize that to be a good leader, like all of the speakers that have presented, you need to be constantly learning and trying to become better.

A Managing for Sustainability major, Rosenberg owns school records in the 100 and 200 freestyle. A 2017 All-Patriot League first team pick, she scored 37 points at the league championship meet. She is also a two-time member of the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll. 

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