The Bucknell Women's Rowing team thanks the donors listed below for their annual support of the program.  Without the continued generous backing of its alumni, parents and friends, the Bucknell Women's Rowing program would struggle to maintain its high level of success.  Their financial support helps allow the program to thrive at the top of the Patriot League, both on the river and in the classroom.

Go Bison! 

Minimum donation to be listed is $100.  If you would like your name removed from the supporters list, please contact Kelly Pastuszek at 570-577-3067 or 

2017-18 Women's Rowing Supporters

Alumni & Friends

Athletic Director's Council ($10,000 or more)
Renshaw, Benjamin & Ashley

Coaches' Council ($2,500-$9,999)
Kane, Erin (Deigert) '98 & Edward '98

Orange and Blue Council ($1,000-$2,499)
Brewster-Duffy, Kate '08
Owen-Kiritsy, Molly '86

Victory Club ($500-$999)
Aigler, Ibby '13
Brace, Charlotte '16
Brophy-Campbell, Michelle '96 & Jay Campbell '97
Carter, Gillian '09
Eisenhauer, Ally '11
Gherlein, Gerald
Oster, Caitlyn '11
Redinger, Craig

Varsity Club ($250 to $499)
Baughman, Gwendolyn
Boyd, Margo '15
Coe, Maureen (Frost) '86, P'17 & Matt P'17
Drasba, Christine '06
Gladstone, Emily '13
Lee, Gloria '15
Martin, Harvey
McCamy, Mary
Newman, Constance
O'Connor, Jeweliet (Yost) '09 & Joe '09
Ripley, Kelly (Wanger) '00 & Paul
Seifert, Andrea '15
Trayes, Jennie '08

Fan Club ($100 to $249)
Allen, George
Ayala, Kerry (Sullivan) '10 & Andrew '10
Benzon, Ann '00
Bromfield, Wayne & Kathy
Cary, Toni-Ann
Chase, Arthur
Cobb, Rhoda
Davies, Margaret '12
Demas, Thomas
Edmonds, Adrian '13
Frank, Stephanie '11
Gannon, Robin
Gherlein, David
Henkler, Kelly '09
Henry, Erin '07 & Ben Finio '07
Hickes, Kathleen '15
Higbee, Alexandra '12
Iacino, Edward
Iacino, James
Jackson, Christopher
Jennings, Rosemary
Kirk, Anne '12
Mascioli, Tom '77, P'18 & Gigi Neff-Mascioli '78, P'18
McCown, Margaret
McKeone, Jackie '13
Mihalick, David
Moore, Joseph & Karen
Murphy, Leah '17
Mynott, Geoff '54, P'83, GP'17 & Bobbie (Folk) '56, P'83, GP'17
Nolan, Charles
O'Brien, Shelley '93
Orsi, Bob '69
Palmer, Katy (Miller) '95 & Stefan
Pepper, Lawrence
Ralen, Emily '12
Reasbeck, Georgia
Ressler, Frederick '74
Robinson, Ed '86 & Cherisse
Schubert, Anna
Sperry, Felicia '86
Stebbins, Susan
Strong, Hilary '12
Sueda, Whittney (Henry) '09 & Ryo '09
Trusheim, Rachel '05
Tufts, Brad


Baeckstrom, Christer P'21 & Patricia P'21
Barlow, George P'20 & Audrey P'20
Breen, Thomas P'21 & Susan P'21
Brewster-Duffy, Pamela P'08
Criss, Virginia P'94
Demas, David P'21 & Shannon P'21
Fisher, Chris P'13 & Cindy Scarfo-Fisher P'13
Goldstein, Howard P'07 & Mimi Calhoun P'07
Healy, Angela P'20
Helmers, Scott P'19
Housman, Bradly P'21 & Kijsa P'21
Kruer, Jay P'09
Larkin, Hugh GP'18
Larkin, Paul P'18 & Nikki P'18
Luzzi, Vince P'06 & Joyce P'06
McAndrew, Joseph GP'20 & Bonnie GP'20
Minella, Louis P'20 & Megan P'20
Newman, John P'21
Ott, Peter P'20 & Charlotte P'20
Pallotta, Frank P'18 & Patty Moore P'18
Rigney, Kenneth P'20 & Laura P'20
Rotolo, Robert P'11 & Dorothy Forte-Rotolo P'11
Ruggirello, Giuseppe P'18
Scheitler, William P'21 & Samantha P'21
Slade, William P'21 & Christy P'21
Smith, Robert P'21 & Leslie P'21
Watson, Richard P'12 & Suzanne P'12
Winter, Henry P'18 & Jennifer P'18

Previous Years Women's Rowing Supporters
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