Setting the Scene 
Bucknell at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta
Saturday, Oct. 28, All day starting at 8 a.m. -- EVENT SCHEDULE
Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, Pa.

About the Bison 

• After a fall semester spent training in doubles, the Bison rowing team gets an opportunity to test out the "big boats" in a competitive setting at the famed Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in Philadelphia. There will also be a large alumni presence at the event. There will be a networking event on Saturday between current team members and many alumni who will also be competing on the water. 

• Stephen Kish, a 1992 graduate, is in his 22nd year as Bucknell's head women's rowing coach. According to Kish, "The Schuylkill is a great way to bring together our alumni and our current team and their families. We spend the entirety of the fall semester rowing in doubles as a way to improve our boat-moving skills as well as an injury prevention measure. The smaller boat allows the athletes to feel how they are individually impacting the speed and balance of the boat, while the two oars helps their bodies develop symmetrically before moving on to the asymmetrical sweep motion in the spring."

• Here are Bucknell's projected lineups:

Frosh/Novice 8 Club Champ. 8 (A) Club Champ. 8 (B) Women's Champ. 2 Women's Champ. 8
Cox Ariel Booker Natalie Minella Daniela Sciulli Jenn Breen Mikaela Schaller
8 Cecilia Manganello Alexandra Lamson Margo Yancey Tess Coleman Menley Denham
7 Katie Slade Helena Yoest Caroline Bixby (TBD)
6 Kassia Schubert Allison Mascioli Emily Barlow Emily Gabriel
5 Caitlin Cobb Kim Winter Arianna Baughman Clarissa Hand
4 Casey Miller Emma King Mikaela Thomas Audra Adams
3 Olivia Smith Elaney Marcotte Isabella Feige Olanne Healy
2 Paige Whitney Olivia Chase Anna Scheitler Annina Ruggirello
1 Ally Demas Erin Rigney Meredith Newman Nicole Vacas

• And Bucknell's alumni teams:

IRA Leightweights 2013-16 2013-16 2011-12 2006-09
Cox Alex Higbee '12 Angel Heyse '16 Jackie McKeone '13 Jamie Coia '13 Jeweliet O'Connor '09
8 Victoria Catharine '14 Helena Craig '15 Amanda Chikowski '15 Ally Cohen '12 Kelly Henkler '09
7 Laura Roberts '07 Kelly Ripley '00 Amanda McCabe '16 Christy Pietryga '12 Jennie Trayes '08
6 Jessica Glenn '08 Margo Boyd '15 Vicky Kielty '14 Colie Pilling '12 Kate Brewster-Duffy '08
5 Ibby Aigler '13 Liz Brown '15 Emily Gladstone '13 Molly Schneider '12 Christine Drasba '06
4 Adrian Edmonds '13 Kendall Balasiano '16 Maya Martignetti '16 Margaret Davies '12 Sophie Moundas '08
3 Charlotte Brace '16 Tatham Dilks '15 Andrea Seifert '15 Carol Schoenecker '11 Cara Cox-Steiner '08
2 Christina Hanlon '14 Gloria Lee '15 Kumari Lewis '15 Anne Kirk '12 Gillian Carter '09
1 Amy Van Nostrand '08 Jaclyn Tules '15 Annie Goldman '14 Hannah Rozowski-Vogt '12 Whittney Sueda '09

• Next up is the Philadelphia Frostbite on Nov. 11 at Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J.