LEWISBURG, Pa. – The Bucknell men’s lacrosse team recently organized a career networking event at the University Club in New York City, where current members of the squad had an opportunity to meet more than 60 former Bucknell lacrosse student-athletes, with class years spanning from 1966 to 2016.

Alumni Bill Belmont ‘88, Graham Officer ‘95, Brad Van Nostrand ’00 and Dick Pace ’66 got the evening going with a panel discussion and Q&A session. The panelists talked about the build-up to their careers, and how participating in college athletics helped pave the way. Current head coach Frank Fedorjaka and Hall-of-Fame coach Sid Jamieson also spoke.

Later, the alumni group divided up according to their industry, and the current members of the Bucknell team had an opportunity to meet their predecessors and talk about topics related to their specific career path.

“This was a great opportunity for our guys to see so many successful alumni all in one place, and this was just in one city,” said Fedorjaka. “I think our guys came away with a really good feel for what it took for them to get where they are today. Each of the panelists had a little different perspective how they got here. They spoke about things like perseverance, overcoming adversity, treating people the right way, getting in early, staying late, being able to handle constructive criticism, and being mentally tough. Those are messages that clearly came through. And each of them said that they developed these qualities from their days on the lacrosse field at Bucknell. It all tied in really well.”

Members of the Bison squad came away with nothing but positives from the experience.

“I thought the event was a great way to see firsthand how strong the Bucknell men’s lacrosse program is with the ongoing support of the alumni,” said senior Quinn Collison. “It was humbling to be in a room full of successful men who are a part of the same family tradition as me. The best part of the event was the advice the alumni gave to our team, which varied from person to person. The alumni exemplified the ideas that hard work is a standard, and to keep your head held high in times of doubt. And always, fight for what you want in life just like a true Bucknell lacrosse player fights for what he wants on the field.”

“The networking event was an unbelievable experience,” said junior Will Sands. “It was fantastic in many ways. One, it brought the Bucknell lacrosse community together. Meeting alumni from past teams and even players that you used to watch on TV was very cool all around. It’s amazing how tight the Bucknell lacrosse community is, and it’s something we pride ourselves on daily. Two, it was very impactful for us to hear a lot of alums’ business stories, as well as the opportunity to make potential connections for our future. Having connections with such highly successful individuals in all different working fields is a tremendous advantage. It is part of the reason why we came to Bucknell. Overall, it was an extremely positive event, and one I will always look forward to.”

Fedorjaka noted that the evening was also beneficial for the alumni group, many of whom are still just starting out in the business world in New York City.

“It was great getting the alumni together,” he said. “Just for them to look around at each other and see the successes of the group, it was a positive experience. And for our younger alumni who are still in the early phase of their careers and still trying to find their way, it was a great networking opportunity for them as well.

“There are so many benefits that come out of a night like this. We have an active and engaged alumni group. Now that the alumni have had a chance to interact with our guys, and put faces to the names and learn some of their backgrounds, it will help them become even more engaged in the program than they already are. And the current players will feel so much more comfortable interacting with the alumni in the future.”

Back in November, student-athletes from a broad array of sports traveled to Philadelphia for a Bucknell Athletics Leadership Institute alumni career networking event, hosted and sponsored by trustee emeritus Bill Graham ’62. 

The Bucknell men’s lacrosse team is just under two weeks away from its 2017 season opener. The Bison debut on Saturday, Feb. 4 at Delaware, with the home opener coming one week later against Bryant.

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Men’s Lacrosse Career Networking Event – Alumni Participants:

Mike Adelman ’16 (consulting)

Chase Bailey ‘ 13 (advertising)

Ryan Bakker ’10 (technology)

Bill Belmont ’88 (law)

Crager Boardman ’03 (finance)

Evan Bozymski ’14 (finance)

Doug Buckley ’09 (finance)

Michael Cheng ’01 (finance)

Steven Cheng ’08 (law)

Patrick Christensen ’05 (law)

Bill Cline ’85 (finance)

Andy Copelan ’03 (athletics)

Rob D’Alessandro ’90 (manufacturing)

Doug DePietro ’92 (finance)

David Dickson ’15 (finance)

Sean Doyle ’16 (finance)

Jim Egan ’00 (advertising)

Bentley Elliott ’66 (finance)

Shane Fee ’16 (finance)

Kyle Feeney ’13 (engineering)

Wes Fetchet ’04 (finance)

Jason Foreit ’11 (finance)

Dan Fronk ’89 (communications)

Brock Ghelfi ’16 (finance)

John Golaszewski ’99 (law)

Ryan Goodman ’05 (energy)

Bruce Graham ’83 (finance)

Sam Grinberg ’15 (health)

Billy Haire ’09 (media)

Ned Hare ’05 (finance)

Todd Heritage ’13 (energy)

Kelly Hogue ’03 (advertising)

Andrew Huntley-Robertson ’85 (finance)

Scott Isenburg ’14 (finance)

Ryan Joseph ’15 (health)

Steven Kelly ’04 (technology)

Steven Lewis ’95 (technology)

Brian Loesch ’02 (education)

Nick Martino ’05 (finance)

Joe Mele ’05 (finance)

Eric Monfort ’16 (engineering)

Graham Officer ’95 (finance)

Dick Pace ’66 (consulting/finance)

Stephen Perlis ’07 (finance)

Jackson Place ’14 (advertising)

Gabe Portuondo ’93 (actor)

John Salvesen ’05 (finance)

John Scally ’12 (finance)

Andrew Smith ’01 (law)

Charlie Streep ’12 (technology/finance)

Justin Sussman ’03 (finance)

John Terracciano ’03 (advertising)

Gary Toubman ’72 (health)

Brian Treacher ’01 (finance)

Andrew Van Valkenberg ’12 (finance)

Brad Van Nostrand ’00 (communications)

T.J. Wallace ’04 (communications)

Norm Wilde ’90 (finance)