LEWISBURG, Pa. – In conjunction with the opening of the completely renovated Zeller Lounge, Bucknell Athletics recently launched its first all-sports “BISON FUEL” nutrition station for student-athletes. The fueling station, open weekdays from 2-4 p.m., features a variety of healthy snack and Powerade product offerings available free of charge to all Bison student-athletes.

“The addition of the BISON FUEL station located in the beautiful new Zeller Lounge is a huge step forward in providing our Bison student-athletes with the nutritional support needed to train and compete at the highest levels,” said John Hardt, director of athletics and recreation. “In its first several days of operation, we have received nothing but positive comments and reviews from our student-athletes and coaches. With the recent changes in NCAA rules in this area, we have made great strides to further enhance our nutritional health focus, and BISON FUEL represents another major positive development in our commitment to prioritizing the welfare of our student-athletes.”

Zeller Lounge is located on the second floor of Gerhard Fieldhouse, within the Kenneth G. Langone Athletics & Recreation Center (KLARC). The space was reconfigured from the original 1970s-era design to provide a student-focused environment that incorporates the open lounge overlooking the fieldhouse track, as well as an outdoor patio that is perched above the main entrance to the facility. In partnership with the Campus Greening & Sustainability Committee, the renovation project incorporated new energy efficient LED overhead lighting and HVAC Systems, along with water-saving restroom fixtures as part of the “Orange & Blue Goes Green” campaign.

The reconfigured layout allows for ample study and open-hearth space for student-athletes to connect and study throughout the day. Behind a set of glass doors is a multifunctional space that can host boardroom-style meetings and small study groups. In addition to significant upgrades to wireless Internet access, new wireless audio/video projection technology was installed to aid students in viewing presentations and academic group projects.

“The BISON FUEL station is an incredible addition to the KLARC that every student-athlete will have the opportunity to take advantage of and get fueled up before practice,” said All-Patriot League softball player and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President Meghan Kovac. “Many student-athletes like myself will go to the KLARC to do work and prepare for practice after class, and occasionally there are some awkward hours between classes and practice. This newly renovated space will allow student-athletes to not only get regenerated for a productive practice, but also make those off hours during the day much more beneficial in terms of getting school work done.”

The new Zeller Lounge area also features displays that pay tribute to some of Bucknell’s most outstanding student-athletes. The exhibits honor past Bison senior award winners, Patriot League Scholar-Athletes, Patriot League Scholar-Athletes of the Year, NCAA Postgraduate Scholars, and the prestigious Alumni Achievement Award winners.

By checking in on the new “Bison Nation” mobile application, student-athletes can pick up items at BISON FUEL before heading out to practice. The selection of  foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins to support the energy needs of a Division I student-athlete has been coordinated with Tanya Williams, Bucknell’s clinical, licensed dietitian and sports nutrition specialist who works closely with Bison student-athletes and the sports medicine department promoting productive and healthy eating.