LEWISBURG, Pa. – The nearly 60 members of the Bucknell Bison Leadership Academy are continuing their training this semester with self- and peer-assessments using the DiSC Profile system, a valuable tool that will help the student-athletes better understand their own leadership styles.

The seniors in the Leadership Academy have already characterized their own leadership methods, and now they are receiving feedback from their coaches, professors and teammates in order to better shape their leadership skills. The junior class is utilizing the DiSC Work of Leaders program, designed to help individuals discover one’s own leadership style and learn a simple three-step process to help approach the fundamental work of leaders: Vision, Alignment, and Execution. Sophomores are using the DiSC Workplace tool in order to gain better comprehension and appreciation for the different personality and leadership styles of their peers.   

The assessments have been met with positive reviews from the student-athletes thus far.

“It is nice to see how my peers and coach see me as a leader,” said senior Kelsey Mucelli, a two-time All-Patriot League selection with the Bison field hockey squad. “As a leader, I hope I am a certain way, but you never know how others view my leadership style. I think it gives me more confidence in myself and my leadership, knowing that others do see my leadership the way I do and actually scored me higher than I did.” 

“From my leadership evaluation, I am able to directly see what some of my strengths and weaknesses are,” said junior Anthony Marcozzi, a defensive back on the Bison football team. “I was surprised how accurate the evaluation was. This will definitely help me make strides in the right direction to develop my leadership skills further and to have a bigger impact on this campus.”

The Bucknell Bison Leadership Academy was launched in August 2011 with the goal of delivering programming and instruction that bridge theory, development and real experiences in an interactive learning environment. The skills learned through the Leadership Academy helps team leaders enhance their impact on their teammates’ and their program’s performance immediately and for years to come.

Year No. 4 of the Leadership Academy kicked off back in August with a day-long seminar facilitated by the Student-Leader Seminar. Bucknell student-athletes were presented the concepts of Alignment, Vision and Execution as part of a program molded from a curriculum developed at the U.S. Naval Academy and based on leadership training delivered to senior captains of the Midshipmen varsity athletics programs. 

Student-athletes who are active participants in the Leadership Academy have all benefitted positively from the experience and have been able to take elements of their training back to their teams and beyond.

“The Leadership Academy has been really beneficial to our team,” said senior cross country and track and field captain John Dugan. “We have several members of our team that have gone through it. Right now we are getting feedback from our teammates and coaches, and I’m really trying to take everything that we have learned from the self-evaluations to heart and apply it to our team. We’ve had plenty of opportunities for application. Being a captain and having the opportunity to work with so many different members of our team about a number of different things, it’s been beneficial to me. I’ve really grown a lot myself, and I hope it’s allowed me to help others along the way. The Leadership Academy has let me identify where I can improve and what my peers think about how I’ve handled certain situations. The feedback has been awesome. With the size of our team, we run the whole gamut of personalities, and all of the captains have different leadership styles, so we’ve learned how important it is to complement those various styles. And it will apply well beyond sports. I know when I have worked the past few summers, many of the things we learned have really stood out.”

“My participation in the Leadership Academy has helped me understand my role on the football team, my role as a student athlete on campus and my role as a leader beyond Bucknell,” said Marcozzi. “It has helped me with my vision, alignment and execution on and off the field.”

“My participation in the leadership academy has definitely helped my leadership,” said Mucelli. “The best part is collaborating with other student-athletes who are also leaders on their teams and seeing how they deal with similar problems. It has allowed different Bucknell teams to create stronger bonds as we interact with student-athletes from other sports in the Academy.”

The Bucknell Bison Leadership Academy will reconvene during the weeks of Oct. 27 and Nov. 17, with breakout sessions led by members of the Bucknell coaching staff.