Injury Prevention:

Scapular Retraction: Plank Positions

Scapular Retraction: "No Money!"

Scapular Retraction: Rings

Walking Hip Circuit

Standing Hip Circuit

3-Way Wrist Stretches

Olympic Weightlifting (and variations):

Rack Power Shrug

Power Pull

Barbell Hang Clean

Power Clean Progression

Barbell Push Jerk

Split Jerk

Clean Pull, Power Shrug, Power Pull, Hang Clean, Push Jerk Combo

Lower Body Exercises:

Barbell Dead Lift

Barbell Back Squat

Barbell Front Squat

Barbell Forward Lunge

Bulgarian Split Squat

Db Step-Up

Db Forward Lunge

Barbell RDL

Partner Curl (Glute-Ham Raise)

SB Double Leg Curl

SB Single Leg Curl

Banded Good-Morning

Single Leg RDL (1 Arm/1 Leg RDL)

Upper Body Exercises:

Bench Press

Barbell Military Press

Db Bench Press

Db Incline Press

Db Chest Fly

Bent Over Barbell Row

1 Arm Db Row

Seated Hammer Strength Mid Row

45 Degree Back Extension

Lower Body Plyometrics/Explosive Exercises:

Cone Drills:

Lateral Multi Cone Hops

Lateral 1 Cone Hops

Forward Cone Hops

Single Leg Multi Cone Hops

Single Leg 1 Cone Hops

Single Leg Forward Cone Hops

Box Drills:

Box Jumps for Height

Explosive Box Jumps

Speed Box Jumps

Lateral Speed Box Jumps

Lateral Box Jumps (Across)

Lateral Quick Feet

Depth Jump to Box

Depth Jump to Vertical Power Hop or Tuck Jump

Jumping Drills:

Tuck Jumps

Pike Jumps

Broad Jumps

Skiers (Lateral Bounding)

Diagonal Bounding

Vertical Power Hops

Dot Drill

Zig Zag Drill

Single Leg Squat Jump

Single Leg Tuck Jump

Single Leg Vertical Power Hops

MB Squat and Shoot

MB Squat Jumps (D-Ball Squat Jumps)

Band Speed Hip Flexion

Upper Body Plyometrics/Explosive Exercises:

Wall Shoulder Drops

Partner Shoulder Drops

Wall Chest Throws

Partner Chest Drops

Partner Chest Pass

Wall Overhead Throws

Partner Overhead Pass

Standing Lateral Wall Throws

Kneeling Lateral Wall Throws

Wall Rotational Twist Throws

Clap Push Ups

Push Up Throws

Explosive Push Ups

Plyo Speed Push Ups

Explosive Rows

Single Arm MB Slam

D-Ball Slams

D-Ball Around-the-World Slams