Bucknell University and OfficeMax have teamed up to allow alumni, faculty, staff, corporate partners and vendors to purchase office supplies and other available products at university-negotiated prices through our online store. With every purchase made through the web site below, a rebate will be directed back to Bucknell University. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to being. Here are some directions on how to navigate the site.

1. To begin shopping, select the "Create New Office Product Order" link.

2. If you want to select a specific item or brand, you can use the "Search By" option, located in the center of the screen. Type in "HP" or "Toners" and the available options will appear.

3. To cross reference the search with products that Bucknell purchases from OfficeMax, click on the "Contract Items" filter to find items with university-negotiated prices. Any items with an orange "c" next to the price is a Bucknell University contracted item with a special deep discount.

4. If you can't find a specific item or brand through the search option, use the "Catalog" column on the left to locate the correct product.

5. Bucknell will receive a rebate on ALL products purchased through the site below, not just the University-negotiated contract items.

6. Once you are done adding items to your cart and are ready to checkout, you simply click the "Checkout" button and you will be linked to a page that allows you to input your billing and shipping information.

Note, if you are a large business that purchases in excess of $300,000 a year in office supplies, you may be eligible for even greater discounts and can still participate in the affinity program. If you are interested in participating, please call 570-577-1261.