Emily Finn '18

Starting the morning off right with another delicious breakfast (and of course, another cup of coffee for me), the team was excited to get on the road to visit 's-Gravenzande. The bus was filled with laughter and conversation on the ride to the beach. Even Marisa stayed awake for the short trip! 

Once we arrived, we were given a small instruction on how to drive a blokart, a type of land yacht, and were quickly able to put our newly learned skills to the test. Racing down the beach (and occasionally tipping over), we all learned who we should and shouldn't let drive our cars at home (@ Nicole)! Up next was the volleyball competition, where we were able to show everyone that we should stick to field hockey! 

After tiring ourselves out, we had the opportunity to try some traditional Dutch foods. Large plates of French fries (with mayo!), rookworst, and kroketten were brought out to our tables. The food was amazing, and if you know our team, you'll know that no food was left behind.

Full and happy, we were back on the road, heading towards Delft, the city known for its Delftware, hand painted blue and white pottery. Here we were able to wander around the beautiful side streets and the main center that held an exquisite town hall. As we all met back together, we were able to watch one of the 65 remaining people who can hand make clogs show us how he does it!

One quick stop to the hotel, and we were off again to De Schone Lei for a buffet-style dinner. The restaurant was right next to a lake, and we had an incredible view of the sunset over the water as we ate. The food was perfect, and getting to share it with teammates made it even better!