Anna Wills '17

After another delicious hotel breakfast around 9:15, we were off again to Amsterdam for a day of touring and fun. We hit a little traffic along the way. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we hopped on a canal tour where we learned all about the history of the canals in the city. Riding a small, relaxing boat along the Gentleman's Canal, we saw historical buildings that even included the mayor's house! 

Once off the canal tour, we were given free time in Amsterdam to explore the surrounding areas. Small groups broke off and got to enjoy the city. We stopped in the Van Gogh museum, where we saw about seventeen self-portraits of the same guy! Many groups made a short trip into the Red Light District, but don't worry, no one stayed long. After a day of shopping, photos in front of the Amsterdam sign, and long lunches, we all met up at the Dam for another bus trip. There wasn't enough time for everyone to do everything, but many people plan on returning someday to continue their explorations.

Lastly, through more traffic, we arrived at the home of the Drake family (Robert and Renee), a Bucknell alum and his wife who live and work in The Netherlands. Their hospitality was fantastic, and we were awed by their commitment to fulfilling their dreams. In their leisure time, they collect contemporary art, and we all benefitted from their lessons on conceptual art. We thank them for welcoming us into their home and sharing with us their wisdom and life advice. Having learned much, we returned to the hotel for the night to sleep and rest for a jam-packed tomorrow.