Allie Christopher '20

On Tuesday morning, the group had another great breakfast at the hotel and got on the bus to start our long day. We headed to Rotterdam to learn how to make a traditional Dutch snack, stroopwafels. We learned how to make the dough, syrup filling, use the waffle iron to make the waffles, and then fill them. Some were better at crafting the snacks while others just stuck to eating delicious, fresh baked cookies. Leaving, we had full stomachs and a large box of stroopwafels to take with us.

We stayed in Rotterdam to explore more and made our way to the town center where we saw interesting architecture  and walked around a market (markethal) that had hundreds of stands with fresh fruit, fresh fish, and delicious desserts. We only had a short time to explore before we were summoned back to the bus to drive to our next activity: a bike tour.

Arriving in Kindersdijk, the team excitedly got on bikes and followed our tour guide. We biked through a small town and through the countryside where we saw plenty of cows, sheep, and windmills. The scenic bike ride gave the team plenty of time to learn about why the Dutch have historically needed windmills and how they work to pump water. We even saw windmills that people live in. After we had safely crossed a few major roads and made it back to the starting point, we returned the bikes and boarded the bus again for a trip to Dordrecht for our game. 

We arrived at HC Dordrecht where we were able to watch some of the practices going on, which included some of their men's teams. We found this fascinating because in the US, it is rare that men play field hockey. We also ate dinner with the other team and were able to talk with them about the differences in school and field hockey in the US and Holland. After the delicious meal, we headed to the field for a quick warmup and then the game. We fell 2-0 in a tough match. Exhausted, we drove back to the hotel where we crawled back into bed to rest after the long day and get ready for the next day and all the activities it holds.