Seasons of competition

A student-athlete shall not engage in more than four seasons of intercollegiate competition in any one sport. Any amount of competition where a student-athlete represents the institution will count as a full season.

Five-Year Rule-Division I
A student-athlete shall complete his or her seasons of participation within five calendar years from the beginning of the semester or quarter in which the student-athlete first registered for a minimum full-time program of studies in a collegiate institution, with time spent in the armed services, on official church missions or with recognized foreign aid services of the U.S. government being excepted. For foreign students, service in the armed forces or on an official church mission of the student's home country is considered equivalent to such service in the United States.

Patriot League Rule-
A student's normal years of eligibility shall be the first eight semesters (or term equivalent) after initial enrollment. "Athletic redshirting" (holding a student-athlete out of competition as an underclassmen for the express purpose of saving a year of NCAA eligibility for a fifth year of enrollment) is prohibited. Extension of eligibility may be granted by Bucknell University is cases of serious illness, injury, or other cause beyond the student-athlete's control. Such requests must be filed through the Compliance Services office.