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Bucknell Men's Tennis -- 10/14-15/2017 -- Temple Invitational

Bucknell Men's Tennis
10/14-15/2017 -- Temple Invitational

Temple Invitational
10/14-15/2017 at Philadelphia, Pa.

Singles competition
   Sinan Orhon (Drexel) def. Max Kane (Bucknell) 8-6
   Alberto Caceres Casa (Temple) def. Max Kane (Bucknell) 6-2
   Hamza Laalej (Drexel) def. Max McDonald (Bucknell) 8-6
   Uladimir Dorash (Temple) def. Max McDonald (Bucknell) 6-1
   Bernard Tefel (Drexel) def. Ben Gerber (Bucknell) 8-6
   Thomas Sevel (Temple) def. Ben Gerber (Bucknell) 6-1
   Max Garramone (Bucknell) def. Balaji Lakshmanan (Drexel) 8-7
   Max Garramone (Bucknell) def. Francisco Bohorquez (Temple) 7-5
   Youssef Lahlou (Drexel) def. Colin Sacco (Bucknell) 8-3
   Juan Araoz (Temple) def. Colin Sacco (Bucknell) 6-3
   Xandy Hammitt (Drexel) def. Timber Erskine (Bucknell) 8-3
   Timber Erskine (Bucknell) def. Mark Wallner (Temple) 6-4
   Adrien Crastes (Bucknell) def. Vuk Subotic (Drexel) 8-6
   Eric Biscoveanu (Temple) def. Adrien Crastes (Bucknell) 6-2
   Drew Krantz (Bucknell) def. Michael Haelen (Temple) 6-4

Doubles competition
   Bernard Tefel/Sinan Orhon (Drexel) def. Max Kane/Ben Gerber (Bucknell) 6-2
   Thomas Sevel/Alberto Caceres Casa (Temple) def. Max Kane/Ben Gerber (Bucknell) 7-5
   Max Garramone/Timber Erskine (Bucknell) def. Xandy Hammitt/Balaji Lakshmanan (Drexel) 7-5
   Uladimir Dorash/Francisco Bohorquez (Temple) def. Max Garramone/Colin Sacco (Bucknell) 6-3
   Hamza Laalej/Youssef Lahlou (Drexel) def. Colin Sacco/Max McDonald (Bucknell) 7-5
   Mark Wallner/Juan Araoz (Temple) def. Timber Erskine/Drew Krantz (Bucknell) 6-3

Tournament Notes

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